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Kate Mason, Dr Bruce Paix and Chad Marleston

Kate Mason on Researching global agendas
as they are unfurled into your towns and cities (13:41)

I was asked to put together a short video on how to go about researching global plans as they come into our towns and local council areas. There are many ways to research, and this is the way I do it. Sharing in the hope it is of assistance. I believe we have to keep an eye on what is coming in to our towns and we have to try to stop it- slow it down as it descends. So we have to get to know what it looks like, the language used, and what it really means.

Self - 
Analysis &


S.M.A.R.T. Cities already​
  • restrict travel to 15 miles

  • fine people for too many trips

  • require digital ID

  • require compliance 

  • use facial recognition 

  • use Social Credit Score

  • destroy small businesses

  • share people's data without their permission

  • dehumanise communities

Senator Antic shows us what he means
by the rise of the Digital Surveillance State

The City of Unley is openly displaying the type of information that it is gathering about park users! Watch as I explore what these so-called “smart” cities will do to your digital future.

12 Myths and Facts of SMART Cities

MYTH: SMART Cities is a “Conspiracy Theory”.

FACT: SMART stands for “Self-Monitoring, Analysis & Reporting Technology”. Local Councils, including City of Salisbury, Unley & Adelaide, have provided limited information on plans to roll out SMART City technologies, but sufficient information to demonstrate that Councils are surreptitiously implementing these technologies without informing the public about the risks to their personal safety, privacy & Constitutional rights. In a video of the SMART City billboard in Unley (shown above), Senator Antic factually outlines the technology used in the City of Unley.


MYTH: Councils have consulted with local residents about SMART Cities.

FACT: There is precious little to indicate that anything more than passing references have been made in Council reports, Minutes of Meetings & the odd correspondence to things such as CCTV’s, SMART LED lights & Facial Recognition technologies, but this is not in fact a genuine attempt at community education or consultation. Rather, there are a myriad of things that even General Managers, Mayors & Councillors themselves do not know or understand about SMART City origins & the future consequences for their cities & how these technologies interact with each other.


MYTH: When you elected your Local Government Councillors you gave them the mandate to ignore your concerns about SMART Cities.

FACT: Unless your Councillor specifically declared their allegiance to the WEF/UN or a SMART Cities campaign, it is not fair, right or proper for any Councillor to suggest that they have executed their duties of informing their constituents or providing fair opportunity for public debate, with total transparency.


MYTH: If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.

FACT: Many Councillors appear disinterested or lazy in protecting their own rights, freedoms & liberties. It is fair to assume, then, that they will have little or no interest or inclination to protect your own. Therefore, it is your job to educate yourself. Verifiable sources of information are easy to access but take time & diligence. You don’t know what you don’t know. City of Salisbury has indicated through Freedom of Information that there are over 10,000 emails alone pertaining to the roll out of SMART Cities, yet the general public is not privy to vital information such as: • Whether & when Councillors have been trained in SMART Cities? • How much was spent & how? • Who is driving the push for SMART Cities? • Who funded & hosted their training/lobbying? • How & when were residents “consulted”? • Who will own the data collected? • Who will own the technologies used to gather data? • How will residents know when & how their data is being sold or traded? • How do the technologies interact with each other (e.g., how do the street lights interact with a mobile phone?) • How can residents opt out & protect their data? To find this information, a simple key word search on Council’s website produces very little & members of the public would have to spend weeks if not months of research & fork out hundreds of dollars on specific FOI applications to glean how extensively Council has engaged in SMART City programs or how far into the future those plans have progressed.


MYTH: SMART Cities will make our communities & their residents safer.

zero trust 2.jpg

FACT: There is no critical or rational basis for this feel-good assertion, especially since there is so much secrecy, ignorance & apathy regarding the origins of SMART City philosophies. Councillors, agencies, businesses, corporations & governments pushing SMART City technologies & agendas usually have conflicting interests for doing so. This could include financial incentives & kick-backs to the stakeholders which support these objectives. Rewards may include funding for political campaigns, personal protection from liabilities or civil suits, funding & “investment” for various city projects & even dark money to keep opponents silent. The potential for corruption is extremely high, if not inevitable, as 24/7 surveillance exposes every person to the risk of blackmail & extortion. High level technologies in the hands of corrupt authorities will easily be weaponized.


MYTH: “But my Local Government said SMART tech is only used for anonymous data collection, for the benefit of attracting investments & local business & it also doesn't currently use Facial Recognition on the CCTV cameras installed.”

FACT: Nowadays, all technologies that have cameras, especially CCTV cameras, have the necessary capabilities for Facial Recognition. Would you really put your trust in your Local Governments, multi-national corporations & private businesses never to misuse, share or on-sell your personal information? We already know that even with your mobile phone switched off, it can still gather & record information about you without your knowledge & consent. Imagine your business competitor having easy access to your own intellectual property, financial status, business records & more, at the push of a button. Imagine your ex-partner being able to stalk your family or snoop into your personal records such as bank statements, Child Support or Centrelink records, mortgage information or collect information about other personal assets, family or friends. Yuval Noah Harari said that humans are “hackable animals”. SMART Cities makes this easy & inevitable, by design!


MYTH: We have policies to protect residents from breaches of privacy.

FACT: Breaches of privacy always happen in secrecy. That’s the whole point! Local Government policies are a weak protection for residents when personal data is sold, shared or exchanged with multiple parties. Council staff, Mayors & Councillors will come & go. Councils will almost certainly amalgamate & Councillor numbers will almost certainly be radically reduced (as is happening in Queensland’s City of Kalamunda). In the shifting sands, holding anyone to account when a breach of privacy occurs will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, as it will take years of litigation & enormous financial resources to seek remedy. The average person would never likely succeed. SMART Cities is a Globalist philosophy that considers the common good of residents as superior to the civil rights, liberties & freedoms of individuals.


MYTH: SMART Cities is a model for a Utopian lifestyle for all residents which promises “livable, productive, sustainable, innovative & affordable” outcomes. It purports to be about “empowering businesses, governments, & people to make data-driven decisions for increasing prosperity & citizen wellbeing.” (“Switching on Darwin 2020”)

FACT: SMART Cities is the model of government being deployed for a global power grab by the Oligarchs that run the World Bank, United Nations (UN), World Health Organisation (WHO) & World Economic Forum (WEF) & countless other similar institutions made up of billionaires & trillionaires (e.g., Club of Rome) whose goals are to abolish sovereign governments in favour of a One World Government (or New World Order). These goals have been clearly stated in documents such as the UN’s Agenda 21/30, The Great Reset, “The First Global Revolution” (by Alexander King & Bertrand Schneider) & many more.


MYTH: SMART Cities are not about spying on innocent people or about “global enslavement”. That’s ridiculous! It’s about community safety, regulating traffic, saving energy, reducing anti-social behaviours & detecting crimes, whilst delivering luxury & convenience to residents.

FACT: In a nutshell, SMART Cities are characterised by the full & total adoption of “SMART” technologies for everything in daily community life. This is known as the Internet of Things (IoT). The promise of IoT is full 24/7 surveillance of everybody, everywhere, all the time. That data will be shared, sold & traded without your knowledge or consent. Although many Local Government areas began SMART City projects before 2020, we now see how people’s civil liberties & freedoms have been violated & abused during COVID lockdowns with absolute impunity. Three years on, many new surveillance technologies have been developed far beyond what Councils would have even thought possible prior to 2020.


MYTH: Local Government is entitled to collect your data anonymously.

FACT: Local Government has no legitimate business collecting anyone’s data for reasons other than its normal (LIMITED) course of business. That does not include how many customers enter its library, the demographics of people walking through its streets & malls, who is using their toilets or other such invasive pursuits by electronic means. Councils are encroaching on the Constitutional rights of all residents, by stealth, & if residents don’t stop this encroachment, it will be too late in future years to come. When did you consciously or conscientiously give Council your informed consent for its technologies to hack into your phone or other devices & collect your data?


MYTH: SMART Cities is about improving our lifestyle with conveniences, affordability, reduced consumption & a clean environment.

Myth 11.jpg

FACT: SMART Cities is about total & permanent enslavement & control over each individuals own body & mind. The WEF has already promised that “You will own nothing & still be happy”. You will be renting from your unelected, Corporatized Government everything you use (but will never own) including clothing, shoes, kitchen utensils, cars, furniture & your consumption of goods & services will be controlled (e.g., food, paper, gas, electricity, travel, etc…). In the corrupt & corruptible society which SMART Cities will guarantee, & you no longer serve a purpose because you are too old, frail, infirmed, disabled or unemployed, your organs will have greater worth than your body, & there will be no shortage of bounty hunters wanting to cash in on your life as you will be worth more dead than alive (as you become a “Useless Eater” & “Life Unworthy of Life”).


MYTH: Globalism is not the same as Fascism & Communism. That’s a Right wing, tin foil hat, conspiracy theory.

FACT: Globalism has been embraced by Left & Right-wing political parties (Labor & Liberal & many others in between) as they have literally been “infiltrated” (to quote Klaus Schwab) by the World Economic Forum (WEF) through dark money flowing into the coffers of political parties & hands of judges, bureaucrats, journalists, universities & Non-Government Organisations (NGO’s) through countless lobby groups & think tanks funded by WEF, WHO, UN & others. Schwab has a long family history of allegiance to Hitler’s Nazi Germany. That’s why the Labor & Liberal parties have betrayed the traditional Australian values of freedom, liberty, personal & bodily sovereignty, & Constitutional rights to free speech & rule of law.

Deceptions of S.M.A.R.T. Cities

NOSCAG Forum Challenges Introduction of S.M.A.R.T. Cities - 6 February 2023

Part 1 (1:06:50 mins)

MC - Craig Bowyer
Presenters -

Andrew Craig, Playfor Councillor & Pastor - Prayer
Grant HarrisonSMART Cities is not new, isolated, nor a local issue​

Part 2 (50:38 mins)
pt 2.jpg

MC - Craig Bowyer
Presenters -

BrentonOne Person can make a difference
Wally Daylight - Clean Hands Doctrine
Katherine MauerThe Power of Prayer (a spiritual solution)

SMART City Information Packs

These Info Packs are resource tools that can be used by individuals and local community groups who are opposing the roll-out of Smart Cities technologies. The Info Packs are provided for educational purposes only and should be treated as a guide only. 

What You Need to Know about Smart Cities – The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

The contents in this Info Pack includes topics and links to source documents to help you become familiar with Smart Cities.  It describes the ‘bigger picture’ about Smart Cities to what is not immediately apparent to most Australians that needs to be clearly understood.

A Guide For Residents on Council & Community Engagement